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Election result: Ilford North
7th May 2010

Jewish Conservative candidate Lee Scott has been re-elected with an increased majority of 3.7 per cent in Ilford North. Father of five Mr Scott has a majority of 5,404 in a seat which was 28th on Labour’s target list of seats.

Controversial Muslim group MPAC had campaigned against Mr Scott for his pro-Israel views, endorsing Labour candidate Sonia Klein.She came second, polling 16,102 votes.

In his victory speech Mr Scott, who said he had received death threats during the campaign, said he believed politics should be fought positively, without resorting to hate tactics. He told the JC: "Being elected the first time round was wonderful but it’s even better to be re-elected and know that people think you’ve been doing the best job you can for five years.

"I do feel that this campaign has been fought negatively. You will never find me talking badly of other candidates. I have never mentioned another candidate in a single one of my leaflets. All I will talk about is the issues that affect the people of Ilford North.

"I have been attacked for my beliefs. Those beliefs I have should not have been part of a general election campaign. But I stuck by my views and I never rose to the bait. It hasn’t been a pleasant time but it’s over, I have been re-elected and I have almost quadrupled my majority."

Ms Klein blamed the TV debates for the swing to the Tories across the country. She said: "I think the live TV debates have led people to think they are voting for Brown, Cameron or Clegg and it has confused voters. Other candidates were from the Liberal Democrats, Green, BNP and UKIP and the Christian People’s Alliance.